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'Ah, that is Gatebreaker,' said Aernius. 'A mysterious engine. I once heard an engineer say that it had smashed the dark citadel of Thagg-a-Durz. When I inquired as to who else but the dwarfs had the means to create such castles that required attack, the dwarfs fell silent.[1]

Thagg-a-Durz is believed to be a Chaos Dwarf referred to obliquely in the novel Malekith. While this cannot be decisively proven at this time, this theory does fit the facts as presented: who else but the Chaos Dwarfs would have the skill to raise a citadel requiring a war engine to smash, but be disinclined to talk about? Humans did not, with the possible except of some elements of Nehekara, have the skill to raise such strongholds, nor did any Greenskins; Elves had only just come into contact with Dwarfs and could not possibly have been the target, Skaven are believed to have been unknown at the time. The Lizardmen and Giants could conceivably have crafted such a citadel, but both are relatively unknown in the World's Edge Mountains (unless the siege took place in the Mountains of Mourn, or far to the south near the Southlands). Even if the castle was raised by one of these races, why would the Dwarfs not boast of it?

The likeliest remaining possibilities are a Chaos citadel, a Chaos Dwarf fortress, or a rogue or corrupted Dwarf hold. Gav Thorpe is also known to be fond of including small references to the Chaos Dwarfs, which would tend to lend a bit of weight to this theory. On the other hand, no Chaos Dwarf citadel of Thagg-a-Durz is currently known or has been mentioned before (of course, if the Dwarfs destroyed it then it probably wouldn't be) and Chaos Dwarfs are never mentioned directly by name, so the mystery remains.

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