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These are rules that were created and made available by Games Workshop for use in their US Grand Tournaments. They have no official standing outside of those tournaments. Few other tournaments have adopted these rules, none of the Games Workshop tournaments outside of the US use those rules, but some gaming groups with Chaos Dwarf players have.

[edit] The Chaos Dwarf Rules

The additional rules are on a single page split into two columns. The left column contains the FAQ which is recognised as official by Games Workshop and players. The right column contains the new rules for the US-GT, which are summarised below:

  • Blunderbusses - Clarified width of unit needed to get strength bonus.
  • Sneaky Gits - A free Manouevre rule to replace the defunct Lap Around rule.
  • Bull Centaurs - Removes confusion over Infantry and Cavalry rules.
  • Use of Orcs & Goblins army units - this is a repeat of a previous official FAQ.
  • Magic banners - States which of the Orcs & Goblins units can have magic banners.
  • Common magic items - Points values given (these were in the 6th edition rulebook but not in 7th)

[edit] Debate

There are several areas relating to the rules that Chaos Dwarf players disagree on, so while some think they should be adopted for general use, others do not. There is discussion on this matter in a forum thread and they are also summarised below:

  • Officiality - The rules have only been used for a few tournaments and some believe it is bad gaming practice to use unofficial rules, especially if playing in a more formal setting or against people you don't know very well.
  • Badly Worded - The new rules have been written in such a way that there is ambiguity in some circumstances. The Sneaky Gits' new rule can have several interpretations. The text uses the term "always" but fails to mention if that overrules the exceptions given in the rulebook or if those exceptions remain. It also confuses being in combat with combat phases.
  • Content - Some players believe that some of the new rules and clarifications go against fluff, game balance, rules, or simply don't go far enough. For example, the magic banner statement doesn't come from the rules and could be construed to go against current fluff; It raises the question "Should any greenskin units have magic banners?" even though they were all able to in 4th/5th edition. For another example, Bull Centaurs become the only S6 cavalry unit in the game, this could affect game balance and set a precedent even though they are a Rare unit.

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