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Cornixt began Warhammer in the early nineties, initially enticed into fantasy gaming by Heroquest in the darkness of the eighties England. Chaos Dwarfs had received a lot of coverage in White Dwarf over the previous months and evil dwarfs just seemed to hard to resist. Ineptness at painting meant that his initial 1000pt army plus Great Taurus was largely unpainted, although it had a 100% win record until it was retired (not sure if it was Cornixt's excellent tactics or the other players' lack of).

Schoolwork and lack of opponents put a full stop on his gaming until 1999 when he entered a Blood Bowl league. Forced into buying new Orc team by the awful crapness of his converted Goblin team, he discovered that he could suddenly paint much better and he raced into building a Warhammer Orcs & Goblins Army. The Night Goblins-only theme was soon thwarted by the excellent Goblin Chariot, then a shed load of ultra cheap Boar Boyz and Savage Orcs finally finished off that idea for good and it become a mostly Savage army with no Night Goblins at all.

After discovering the Chaos Dwarf e-group (now defunct), he dug out his old big hats and painted them up. Obviously too few for a decent army, he managed to get hold of practically a whole army of them from a generous ex-player and they soon swelled the ranks. Finally he could play much larger battles with a full army of big hats. By this time he was married and his spouse wanted in on the action. In came a Dark Elf army with a heavy Slaaneshi feel, followed by a Winter Wood Elf army. An undead goblin project got underway, but this was left by the wayside when he got stuck into a reimagining of the Chaos Dwarf army into a much darker army made from converted Dwarfs. The birth of a child put paid to most free time for painting or converting for a good 8 months until he relocated the family to the left side of the pond. This left the converted Chaos Dwarf army at only 1000pts despite having enough unpainted models for a further 1000pts.

Between jobs he had plenty of time but the models were all on a slow boat and then trapped in storage, so he got stuck into the CDO wiki. Having lost the connection details for his website when the server company changed hands twice in 6 months, he set about transferring all the useful information to the wiki, and coming up with a lot of new material to fill in the gaps. After all the efforts on the wiki, Xander kindly made him the wiki project coordinator.

Favourite Parts of the Hobby:

  • Converting, coming up with conversion ideas
  • Planning armies to optimal efficiency while keeping in theme

Worst Parts of the Hobby:

  • Playing someone new who turns out to be a cheat and/or a jerk.
  • Having to paint a whole unit
  • Badly designed multi-part models

Favourite Warhammer Models:

Worst Warhammer Models:

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