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Creator and administrator of Chaos Dwarfs Online.

Xander began his interest with Chaos Dwarfs after acquiring several miniatures as well as a copy of White Dwarf Presents Chaos Dwarfs from a friend who quit playing Warhammer. Having only a unit of Chaos Dwarf Warriors, 6 Bull Centaurs and a couple Heroes, he combined them with a sizable number of Orcs for a quick army.

Upon reading White Dwarf Presents Chaos Dwarfs he became fascinated with the history of the Dawi Zharr and their place in the Warhammer world. He currently endeavours to help bring the Chaos Dwarfs into the 7th Edition of Warhammer with a look similar to that of the Hellcannon crew. He considers himself a moderate, however, in wishing to find a balance between the old and the new. Big Hats on some models would not be out of the question, in his view.

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