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The Warriors of Chaos are one of the Chaos armies in the current edition of Warhammer Fantasy, and are generally comprised of northern tribesmen (Marauders), armored adherents of the Chaos Gods (Chaos Warriors), and various Chaos monsters. They are distinct from other Chaos armies in having neither daemons nor beastmen, and are of especial interest to Chaos Dwarf players and fans because of their relationship with that race.


[edit] Relations With The Chaos Dwarfs

Chaos Dwarfs are connected with the Warriors of Chaos in many ways. The Marauder tribesmen of the north trade slaves and daemon-bones in exchange for dwarf-crated arms and armor, and many of the Chaos Warriors' magic armor also comes from the daemonsmiths of Zharr-Naggrund. Indeed, many of the magic items of the army are explicitly referenced as being constructed by the Chaos Dwarfs. Ogres sometimes enlist in Warriors of Chaos armies, and even wear Chaos Dwarf-forged Chaos Armour. Most notable, however, are the Hellcannons fielded by the Warriors of Chaos, which are not just constructed by but also crewed by Chaos Dwarfs.

[edit] Infernal Guard

The Warriors of Chaos may also field a contingent of the Infernal Guard in their armies.

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