World's Edge Mountains

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The World's Edge Mountains are a range that extends throughout the Old World, from Araby and the Southlands to the Chaos Wastes to the north, where they join with the Mountains of Mourn. Over the millenia, the Dwarf Empire of Karaz Ankor has colonized a great deal of the range, with colonists following promising veins of minerals and founding new holds as far north Karak Dûm and as far south Karak Zorn-those both of these holds are now lost, and the Empire of the Dwarfs a shadow of its former glory. The ancestors of the Chaos Dwarfs were among these early colonists, though they struck out to the east before the first great invasion of Chaos.

The World's Edge Mountain makes up the western edge of the Dark Lands, and thus represent the furthest border of the Chaos Dwarfs' dominion.

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